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The open powertrain for Bullitt Cargobikes get involved...

No tech talk? - Have a look at the Milliway Product Page.



  • Thingiverse Parts - 3D printed ans laser cut parts are amongst a full part list located at the thingiverse.
  • The missing Manual


  • Features
    • Brushless
    • Sensorless
    • Water Sealed
    • Disc brake Adapter
  • Simulator:
  • Simulator Settings (Factory defaults Milliway)
    • Battery: 36V / 20A Ping (example)
    • Costume Controller: 16Amp
    • Throttle: 80%
    • Wheel: 20"


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In our !Wiki we provide a wide range of different ideas to power your bike. Some are implemented and in active use, some others are subjects of the near future. Join our journey to approve more exciting solutions over time.

  • Have a look on our MilliwayEnergy Page.
  • Help to find additional solutions.


Motor Setup, Thingiverse ID 29685

Controller Case, Thingiverse ID 29205

Pedal Assist Sensor, Thingiverse ID 28914


Special thanks to...

CAD, 3D printing, laser cutting and product design
Larry vs. Harry - The fastest cargobike on the planet.
motor, electronics and drive train solutions