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Energy Sources

Electric bikes need a reliable portable power source. After building and using ebikes for quite some years we no longer consider it appropriate to hardwire the Milliway powertrain solution to a single energy source (e.g. a standard battery sold with the bike). Users have too many different requirements and usage patterns that it is impossible to provide always the perfect solution from our little enterprise. Additionally, ordering battery packs directly from the manufacturer saves you a ton of money. So it's up to the user, you, to chose an appropriate energy source for your Milliway bike.

Below you will find a sample collection of energy sources and options. We use some of them to power the Milliway and other E-Bikes and Pedelecs. Look around, read up on the properties, and decide which is the right solution for you, depending on your needs, usage profile and (financial) resources and then go forward and order directly at the source. Note that the batteries and other power solutions are only listed based on past experiences and not sold by us.

Recommended technical data for the power source:

  • 36V current (recommended for EU-Pedelec compatibility)
  • Up to 48V possible
  • At least 10Ah of capacity, the higher the capacity the further you can go on one charge
  • More than 350Wh when fully charged
  • Please check your local legal regulations for riding supported, motor driven bikes.
  • The Energy Source is connected via a 4pol Speakon Plug (NL4) - Positive(+): 1+, Negative(-): 2-

Proven and tested

Energy solutions that worked for us so far, some are in mass production, others are more special and require customizing or custom building.

Floor Battery

LiIon, LiFePo4, LiMn (~15Ah)

Carrier Battery

LiIon, LiFePo4, LiMn (~10Ah)

Big Box Battery

Sealed Lead Acid, LiFePo4 (>20Ah)


Petrol or Gas (~800Watt)


Everywhere Windturbine - Have a look!

Future and Experimental

The future is bright! Solutions that might evolve are located here. Some are decade old ideas, some are pretty new, lets see if they'll have a future in mobile solutions.

Fuel Cell

Production ready technology who integrates one first?


Radioisotope thermoelectric generator - might be complicated, someone may ask the NASA

Savonius Windmill

Solar Sail

Solar Cells get interesting when used as a sail.
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